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Table tennis at home tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can practice your table tennis skill at home without table tennis table.

How to plan your table tennis training with robot

If you have table tennis robot and you don't know how to organize your training then this video might be helpful for you to get started planning your training. In this video I show an example of how you can organize your training session with robot. Often people buy robots to improve their technique and table tennis skills but they may not always know from where to start and how to organize it, so I made this video in hopes that it will be helpful for you to figure it out. 

Having table tennis robot at home can be very help you improve your table tennis skills, especially in the beginners stage when you need a lot of repetition to learn table tennis technique and develop muscle memory.

Here is the (affiliate) link to my top recommended robots that you can purchase to start excelling your game:

The robot that I have at home for myself is Amicus Expert. It is advanced level robot and can do pretty much everything.

The Newgy Robopong 2055. Easy to use good for beginner to intermediate level.

The Newgy Robo-Pong 3050XL. This robot is between high end and higher middle level. It is pretty easy to use and has advanced features.

All other robots: 

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