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Terms and Conditions of Coach Yoku services

  • I allow Coach Yoku LLC to take and use my/my child photos or video for legal promotional materials. I can revoke this authorization in written form at any time.

  • I accept full responsibility for my and my children's participation. I relieve the coaches, directors, sponsors and any others involved in the class of any liability for injury, loss or damages.

 Covid -19 Safety Guidelines and Terms and Conditions

As a condition of your admittance into the TTMN club or taking private lessons you must adhere to all physical distancing and sanitation measures required and set forth below.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions I agree that I/my child will follow the guidelines below. 

  • I/my child will adhere to all distancing measures by staying a minimum of 6’ from any other persons while at Table tennis MN club or while taking private/group lessons.

  • I will hold myself/my child responsible for cleaning my/his or her hands with hand sanitizer before and after the lesson.

  • I will hold myself/my child responsible in wearing a mask while I am not taking lesson at the TTMN club. 

  • I acknowledge and accept any increased risk of contracting Covid-19 that may occur by taking lessons with Coach Yoku at the Table tennis club or at my home. I agree to hold Coach Yoku and Table tennis club harmless in the event that I am or my child is exposed to or contract CoVid-19.

  • Failure to follow any of these guidelines may result in a suspension or termination of my/my child membership in taking group or private lessons. This applies during the duration of the Covid-19 mandates. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the above referenced terms and conditions, and I accept and agree to abide by the terms listed above.

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