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How to assemble table tennis paddle?

When you first start playing table tennis you usually purchase assembled ready to play paddles that are intro level ones. After you play for a while you learn that there are professional paddles that gest assembled with the wood/ blade part of the paddle and rubbers one both sides. So if you decide to purchase your own style matching blade and rubbers you will need to assemble them. You can do it yourself or ask club or shop to preassemble for you.

I think most of the table tennis players are always wants to learn how to assemble their own paddle. It is like special moment and fun part of getting prepared your new paddle. So if you decided to learn how to do it, here I will give you step by step guidance.

First you will need these following items :

  1. Scissors or cutting knife.

  2. Glue here I am using Nittaku glue, you can also get Butterfly Free chack Pro II or any other kind.

  3. Sponge and clipper that comes with the glue usually.

  4. Table tennis blade and rubbers.

  5. Side tape, I don't have it in this picture but it is something you can put on to protect your blade.

After you have got everything you need, now it is the time to start the process.

Step 1.

If you are trying to renew your old rubbers from your previously assembled blade (otherwise go to step 2), separate your rubbers by pulling it from bottom of the handle side and moving upwards.

Gently remove the rubbers and clean the blade from previous glue leftovers by using dry paper towel or your palm of the hand. Be careful not to get splinters.

You can also use special glue remover hard sponge (picture on the left) from butterfly, you can purchase it here.

Otherwise I would just recommend using palm of your hand or paper towel.

Step 2.

Put glue on to the blade and rubbers. When you apply glue try to use from down to up motion to get glue nice and even without any clumps. Try to brush glue fast so it does not gets dried and starts to make little glue clumps. It is important to put glue only on one side of the blade since the other side stays down. It is easier that way not to collect some dust or little things on to the other side of the blade if you were had a glue on.

Step 3.

Wait for the glue to dry out until it looks more clear. It will take 15-25 min. It should feel dry when you touch but slightly sticky.

The rubber that glue is dry and ready to be glued looks like picture below. It should looks somewhat more clear not white.

Step 4.

Put carefully table tennis rubber from the bottom side on to blade. I usually center the logo in the bottom to the handle of the blade and carefully push the bottom of the rubber then I use the roller slowly applying some pressure but not a lot to glue the rest of the rubber. If you apply a lot of pressure you may stretch your rubber and that might add some more bounce but I prefer not to.

Step 5.

Once you put the rubber on to the blade, it is time to cut it around. Use sharp scissors to cut the rubber so it does not tears. I start with the bottom of the blade and go around cutting rubber close to the blade.

Step 6.

Put a glue on the blade and the other side of the rubber and let it dry. Once it is dry glue it on to the blade same way you did other side.

Step 7.

It is time to cut the other side of the rubber. When you are cutting the rubber try to cut it closely to the blade but without scratching the blade sides. It is okay if you end up having a little extra rubbers on the side. It will wear of after a few trainings. If you have a hard time to cut the rubbers from the bottom of the blade, it is helpful to use smaller scissors.

Step 8.

You can put side tape if you have to your blade, otherwise it is ready to use! Enjoy playing table tennis!

I hope the instructions was helpful for you and you were able to assemble your own paddle! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Best regards,


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